Illuminated Dance Floor
Set the mood for all your guests to have an all night dance party with the use of this modular dance floor. Elevated at only 4 inches high, the dance floor is fully programmable and will illuminate to the beat of the music playing whether it be a slow dance or the loudest disco beats from the Retro 70's to the most popular hits of today!
Confetti Launchers
Confetti Launchers safely propel confetti and streamers of different effects to distances of up to sixty feet from the ground and produce a simulated fireworks display without the hazards and risk of fire. Confetti comes in a variety of colors and shapes such as butterflies, stars, flowers, hearts, round, square, rectangular, mylar and snow.
Pyrotechnics are used to create flashes of fire, bright sparks and puffs of smoke through the combustion of cold and clean pyrotechnic devices for use on stage and indoor events. Pyro compositions come in various heights and time durations.
Safety standard procedures such as safe working radius, safe working height, duration, noise level, fallout and smoke are determined prior to its use depending on the size of the room.
Airtubes, Airpuppets, Airflames
This product attracts attention from the wiggling and swaying motion it performs. May be branded with product and company logos for use as advertising displays and announcement purposes. Illumination for night time use is available.
Illuminated Base Lamps
Illuminated Base Lamps will bring life into your table centerpieces, buffet tables and other displays whether they be floral arrangements, crystal pieces, ice carvings, floating candles and just about anything you can imagine. The base lamp comes preprogrammed with sixteen different effects to be chosen from. They are wireless units with battery packs lasting up to 12 hours.
ADTubes offer a unique way of advertising and delivers unlimited design possibilities and set new and dynamic advertising advantages. They can be custom printed with any brand, logo or announcements. Their bright and radiant colors can be seen from far distances to call attention to a venue or event location.
Table Centerpiece Effects
Bring life to your centerpiece table settings with the use of illuminated centerpiece columns and remote controlled triggered centerpiece silver sparks or confetti. Highlight special moments of your event using any of these centerpiece gadgets. You will surely create excitement in each table you have for your clients and guests to enjoy a very memorable experience of celebration.
Cyro Steam Jets

This cryogenic effect system is capable of making plumes of Cryo Steams up to 20 feet high. The high pressure steam effect is safe and non-toxic. Plumes can be released for short bursts or long continuous burst at anytime and instantly disappears when turned off.

The plumes produced is dense and cold and is odorless, non-staining and will not irritate eyes, nose or throat.

Ground Fogger
This machine creates a low-lying fog that vaporizes a special, safe and non-toxic water fluid that quickly dissipates. The fog leaves no residue and greatly enhances any stage and setting and illuminates to any lighting effect. Continuous or interval bursts of fog up to 30 minutes are possible and can cover large areas depending on environment conditions.
Cooling and Mist Machines

These fans can effectively cool places such as garages, courts and gymnasium where air conditioning is cost prohibitive, impractical, or unavailable.

These fans are lined with copper tubes which continuously spurts drizzle of water to provide a more cooling effect.

Baloon Burst
A 3ft. diameter balloon with 40 pcs. of 5 inch balloons & confetti inside.
Dance Heads

Dance Heads Recording Booths deliver a high energy, quality driven experience that is enhanced by using original rock and roll classic tunes known to both young and old. The innovative video entertainment concept super-imposes participant's heads on a professional dancers body while they sing along to some of the greatest hits of all time. The outrageous effect is completed with fully animated backgrounds that are totally outrageous and fun it keeps people coming back for more! The Dance Heads Recordings experience is not only fun for the participant but also for onlookers who can view the process on external booth monitors.

Customers who take home Dance Heads DVDs will show their friends, co-workers and family members over and over again. This creates interest for others to ask "WHERE DID YOU DO THAT"? and generate more sales for you. Let your customers experience the thrill of becoming pop stars, super heroes and sports icons on their own music video DVD creating a memory that will last forever! Be a Star! No Talent Required!

Take Your Pic! Photo Booth
Take your Pic! Photo booth brings you to a whole new experience. Using green screen technology, TYP Photo booth is the only photo booth that can take you to different virtual worlds and animated scenes with its interactive backdrops.
Virtual Graffiti Wall
Our Virtual Graffiti Wall (VGW) photo booth allows your guests to take giant-sized photos of themselves. Clients use digital spray paint cans to virtually draw on their own photos or custom background and make giant works of art. Their creations are printed instantly as promotional party favors that can be branded. It's the perfect interactive addition to any party, special event or promotion.
Other Special Effects

Bubble Machines

Olympic Torch

Flame Machine

Fiber Stars

Foam Machines

Snow Display

LED and Fiber Optics

Mist Machines

Plasma Discs

Theatrical Guns


Balloon Tubes
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